Perennials are both versatile and colorful – some are the best plants for shade gardens, but you can easily find one to fit in your full-sun backyard perennial garden too.

Power Of Peonies

Learn the basic care of a peony and your backyard perennial garden will pop with color from these fragrant blooms.

Perennials For Problem Spots

Find out what to replace your partial-shade-garden perennials with if they’re drowning in that swampy spot. With the right flowers, any backyard perennial garden can be beautiful.

Best-Bet Borders

If your backyard perennial garden lacks definition, try our easy border tips to make your perennials pop.

Hooked On Hostas

One of the best plants for shade gardens, hostas are the perfect addition to your backyard perennial garden. Use these as partial-shade-garden perennials or deep-shade ground covers.

Perfect plants for every corner of your yard. Search by flower color, bloom time, and more.
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