Create A Lush Landscape Quickly

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Take our gardening advice to your yard and create a full, lush garden in no time. These tips will get you started developing your own landscaping ideas.

These 10 ideas promise instant impact — ways to enjoy an abundant, mature-looking landscape in less time.

1. Avoid shortcuts with soil preparation. Till in plenty of organic matter to improve poor soil. This will help plants grow faster.

 2. Purchase plants in gallon containers rather than 4-inch pots. Large plants may cost more, but they fill in faster.

3. Use colorful containers and painted furniture. These accents have immediate impact and make bold statements.

4.  Fertilize during the growing season. When plants are fed appropriately, they will grow large and be healthy.

5. Space plants snugly. Use fast-growing groundcovers to fill in between plants and eliminate bare earth. This also crowds out weeds.

6. Arrange tall evergreens along the property line, and stairstep shorter shrubs toward the center of the yard. This layering is a quick way to blanket the garden with a sense of enclosure.

7. Quick Tip: Add an arbor or trellis, and adorn it with a fast-growing vine. It will provide structure and supply a critical vertical element to the garden.

8. Quick Tip: Incorporate shrubs, such as lilac (Syringa spp.), mock orange (Philadelphus spp.), and Viburnum, as well as a fast-growing tree or two. Good tree options include maple (Acer spp.), willow (Salix spp.), and Magnolia.

9. Add an island planting bed in the center of the yard. The bed conceals the back of the property and supplies a sense of depth. Plus, it gives you another spot for plants.

10. Plant a variety of colors and textures. Place plants with broad leaves next to those with spiky forms, and use plants with shiny green leaves as companions to some with fuzzy gray foliage. The contrast makes a garden appear full.

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