See how to build garden border fences that blend into your garden and get other landscaping ideas, such as how to incorporate containers for water gardens..

Landscaping For Kids

With a little attention to landscaping, one Ohio family turned the garden into a kids’ paradise. Their abundant containers for water gardens and several climbing trees make the whole yard a place to explore.

Create A Lush Landscape Quickly

Take our gardening advice to your yard and create a full, lush garden in no time. These tips will get you started developing your own landscaping ideas.

Mulching 1-2-3

Before you start landscaping with that black-walnut mulch you’ve set your heart on, read our mulching guide to find out how much you’ll need and how to lay it.

Small-Scale Style

This small-scale garden design combines landscaping and container gardening to create a tranquil retreat in the middle of San Diego.

Perfect plants for every corner of your yard. Search by flower color, bloom time, and more.
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Design anything from a patio-side container garden to a beautiful yard on your computer screen.

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