Cottage Romance

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Flower garden designs each have a unique flair. See how to bring English country-cottage decor to your backyard with these tips.

The popularity of the English cottage look never seems to fade. With its pretty palette and old-fashioned flowers, such as hydrangeas and roses, it bespeaks a playful but sweet mood that encourages relaxation. Let’s look at the elements that create this style.

Traditional Accents
Accents and decorative items have traditional colors and designs. Sculptures of concrete, stone, or wood are representational, rather than abstract. Fences, birdhouses, and containers are of natural materials.

Brick Underfoot
Hardscape materials, such as aged brick or pavers, are easy to care for, and their earthy tones allow flower and foliage colors to stand out. Flagstone or pea gravel is also a good choice.

Floral Furnishings
Fabrics and furniture in clear colors reflect the graceful curves and colors of nature, blending with traditional garden flowers.

Lessons on Style
For more ideas on cottage garden flowers, look for Creating a Cottage Garden in North America by Stephen Westcott-Gratton (Fulcrum Publishing; $29.95).

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