One Window Box 5 Ways

from Spring Planting Guide
Find out what the best plants for a window box are and add color to your home with our bold container gardening combinations.

Window boxes can be downright contagious. In many communities, one glorious window box can lead to another as neighbors catch the fever. Whether your house is old or new, formal or rustic, modern or period style, there’s a window box out there that will suit your style and budget.

We’ve pulled together a handful of color-theme window boxes to inspire you. Each of our mini gardens is planted in the same style window box, a traditional fiberglass model that can be left outside throughout the seasons and whose stately gray hue keeps the spotlight on the colorful plant combinations.

But you can tailor your window box choice to the style and color of your house, ensuring that it’s the perfect complement. You’ll find an impressive array of window box possibilities online and at your local garden center or nursery. No matter where you live (apartment or farmhouse, in any climate), here’s all the inspiration you need to create a window garden — your unique outdoor work of art — to delight yourself and passersby.

Romantic Red
Sassy and intense, red indicates excitement and exhilaration. It seems to leap out at you. Scarlet, ruby, vermilion, carmine, crimson: Rich and velvety red dazzles from the hot part of the color wheel.


True Blue
From the cool side of the color wheel and traditionally associated with all things spiritual, blue inspires a sense of peace and calm. True blue in the garden is rare. But more than any other color, it needs contrast nearby to prevent it from looking dull.



Easy Green
Green is the color of life. However bright, green is always soothing. We take it for granted in the garden (especially in the summer months), but foliage in all forms gives life to other colors. Many plants, in fact, are valued for their leaves alone.



Think Pink
Set between red and purple on the color wheel, pink is the most feminine of colors. Harmonious and reassuring, a display of rich pinks inspires confidence. Rest assured that the mood of a pink planting will always be beautiful to behold in a gently undemanding way.



Mellow Yellow
Feel-good yellow is the most joyous and cheerful color in the spectrum. An easy mixer, yellow shines happily alongside most other colors. Vivacious yellow reflects the sun’s brilliance on bright days and lifts the spirits on dull ones.

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